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IRS Correspondence Audits

The Compliance Center computers are programmed to select those returns with high DIF scores which reflect issues that could be easily resolved by mail. The computers select those returns which are appropriate for correspondence audits and each respective return is reviewed by either a Tax examiner or clerk. The returns are DIF screened and quality reviewed using technically proficient examination personnel who are experienced in DIF screening operations. Returns which have apparent examination issues other than those appropriate for correspondence audit are referred to the local Area Office. Some examples of the kinds of items which can be verified by correspondence are itemized deductions, such as interest, taxes, contributions, medical expenses, and simple miscellaneous deductions such as union dues and small tools. Issues other than itemized deductions may be examined if they are single matters which would not be appropriate for office audit or field examination.

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Cancellation of Debt

If a debt is canceled or forgiven, other than as a gift or bequest, the debtor generally must include the canceled amount in gross income for tax purposes. A debt includes any indebtedness for which the debtor is liable or which attaches to property the debtor holds.

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Who Gets Audited by IRS

The total number of audits of individual returns increased in 2010. Those who earned less than $200,000 had about a 1 percent chance of being audited. Those with incomes of $200,000 and more had about a 3 percent chance of being audited.

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Audit Representation During Audit

Many tax controversies are better resolved sooner rather than later. Accordingly, it is often to your client’s advantage for you to begin work on the case promptly. Your first goal should be to accurately gather the necessary information. You must control this information gathering process. Otherwise, the client will often inundate you with reams of useless information while neglecting to hand over truly important documents. The initial interview with the client is an important step in your preparation for audit.

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Innocent Spouse

SPOUSAL RELIEF  By Robert E, McKenzie   ©2011   Custom Search Although many taxpayers enjoy substantial tax benefits from filing joint returns, those benefits may be outweighed when a tax deficiency or unpaid balance is asserted for a return. The…

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