Quoted In Forbes On Jail Terms For Offshore Accounts

Quoted in Forbes on Jail Terms for Offshore Accounts

Chicago tax lawyer Robert E. McKenzie worries those with still secret offshore accounts may be less likely to disclose because they figure that if they’re found out and prosecuted, they’ll avoid jail as Warner has. But McKenzie tells prospective clients the same thing he wrote recently on Forbes: “Many other less lucky offshore depositors have been sentenced to prison by other judges. One distinguishing factor for Warner was he was a billionaire whereas those sent to prison were merely millionaires.”

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Forbes Quote Regarding Romney's Tax Return & Hobby Losses: 7-19-12

And Chicago tax lawyer Robert E. McKenzie, who has defended rich folks claiming losses on everything from deer farms to race horses to yachts, says the Romneys -–despite the fact that Ann Romney’s statements on what dressage has done for her personally suggests lack of profit motive– likely did all the paperwork right and can assert they thought they’d make a profit, even if they never do. “The way I would argue it is `this horse competed in the Olympics and we’ll breed it and make money off the foal’,’’ says McKenzie. “When you’re that rich you can afford to have talented tax advisers.”

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Law Talk Radio: Audit and Tax Issues with Tax Attorney Robert McKenzie

Despite your best efforts at diligently filing proper tax returns, the IRS can audit your tax returns and Robert McKenzie is a tax attorney who can help sort out the mess. Sometimes the audit results areworse than expected and other times with proper representation the process can be least intrusive. Inthis episode of Law Talk Radio we examine tax law from several perspectives

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