Gambling and Taxes

Gambling and Taxes = The Price of Winning By: Robert E. McKenzie ©2011   Custom Search   Inclusion of Gambling Income in Gross Income  Income from gambling,[1] lotteries,[2] sweepstake winnings,[3] and card playing[4] are included in gross income. Such income…

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Appealing to the IRS

1.10 While the process is not mandated by statute, the Service has, for over 60 years, provided taxpayers with an administrative alternative to litigating their tax disputes in court [Reg. § 601.106]. Now commonly referred to as Appeals, this administrative branch of the IRS generally has the final power and authority of the IRS to determine audit liabilities of taxpayers

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Who Gets Audited by IRS

The total number of audits of individual returns increased in 2010. Those who earned less than $200,000 had about a 1 percent chance of being audited. Those with incomes of $200,000 and more had about a 3 percent chance of being audited.

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Audit Reconsideration

An Audit Reconsideration is the process the IRS uses to reevaluate the results of a prior audit where additional tax was assessed and remains unpaid, or a tax credit was reversed. If the taxpayer disagrees with the original determination he/she must provide information that was not previously considered during the original examination. It is also the process the IRS uses when the taxpayer contests a Substitute for Return (SFR) determination by filing an original delinquent return.

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