Reducing IRS Penalties

Procedural Requirements for Imposition of Penalties and Additions to Tax
The Internal Revenue Service Restructuring Act required that each notice imposing a penalty include the name of the penalty, the Code section imposing the penalty, and a computation of the penalty. The Act also requires the specific approval of IRS management to assess all non computer generated penalties unless excepted. This provision does not apply to failure to file penalties, failure to pay penalties, or to penalties for failure to pay estimated tax. [...]

How Foreign Investors Can Get A Green Card In Exchange For $1 Million

How Foreign Investors Can Get A Green Card In Exchange For $1 [...]

Robert E. McKenzie quoted in USA Today on Mitt Romney's taxes and wealth

However, some tax law experts said it is possible to reach some rough financial estimations. Robert McKenzie, a partner at Arnstein & Lehr in Chicago, estimated that the low range of income Romney reported for 2010 indicates a likely breakdown of $4.8 million taxed at the 15% rate and just over $5 million taxed at the normal, higher [...]

2012 National Taxpayer Advocate Delivers Annual Report to Congress

On January 11, 2012 National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson released her annual report to Congress, identifying the combination of the IRS’s expanding workload and declining resources as the most serious problem facing taxpayers. The result, the report says, is inadequate taxpayer service, erosion of taxpayer rights, and reduced tax compliance. The Advocate expressed her continuing concern that the IRS’s expanding use of automated processes to adjust tax liabilities is causing harm to taxpayers and recommended that Congress enact a comprehensive Taxpayer Bill of [...]